Welcome to The Stackening; a never-ending exposure auction where you can buy your own piece of internet history. Claim the top spot to share your pictures, artwork or ads with a short text message and a link to your likings.

The Stackening is a race to the top. So you'll always pay one euro more than your predecessor. We will never start over or allow people to buy a spot for any less than the amount you see at the top of your screen. Do you want to share your message/product/picture with the rest of the internet? Better claim your spot now, because it will only get more expensive!

Host a private stackening?
Want to raise some funds for your charity event, houseparty, exhibit or local sportsclub? You can host your own stackening via a personalized page which you can show on your own screens. Interested? Contact us via info@thestackening.com. Or sign up immediately.